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Tir MaraBaron Godfroy de Falaise and Baroness Alisay de Falaise were seated upon the Icy Baronial Seats of Havre des Glaces, by the hand of King Gregor and Queen Kiena on Saturday 24th of August.  The hall then rang with vivats and cheers for the retiring Arthur de Beaumont and Shadiyah Al-Zarah, and for their years of service and they were both awarded Court Baronies.  But our news and excitement did not end there for the Baron of Ile de Dragon Dormant was called forth, and kneeling before Their Majesties, he was sent on vigil for Chivalry and by day’s end rose Sir Angus McHaley, the 6th Knight of Tir Mara!

The administration Tira Mara also saw a change to curia, as we celebrated and thanked, Mistress Gwenhwyfar dinas Emrys, who  took off the heavy key of the office of Tir  Mara Seneschal and it was then placed upon the shoulders of Baroness Cristiana ingen Mec-Bead who now steps forward to help guide Tir Mara on its path to future independence.   The office of Badger Herald was also passed on from Mistress Lyanna Kernough, founding baroness of Ruantallan,  to Aotroù (Lord) Conogan mab Rioc, the Breton, of Lyndhaven.   We grow and flourish in the North!

Reported by Mistress Bess Darnley