EK Webminster's BadgeLady Raffaella Mascolo, the East Kingdom Webminister and Web Polling Minister, announced a new web tool to send award recommendations.  A link can be found on the East Kingdom home page under ‘Getting Involved’ and on the pages of the royalty and here.

This list of “new and fun features of the recommendations page” was provided by Lady Rafaella.

  • Uploading documents (video, Word, pdfs, etc. There’s no limit on the type of file that can be uploaded)
  • Uploading images
  • Save and Continue Later – this option provides the user the ability to save what has been completed thus far and return at a later time
  • Save your submission in a Word and / or PDF document – this provides you with the ability to save your recommendation as a file for your own records.

Lady Raffaella welcomes any questions or concerns via email.