NRWC Court

Elevation on Countess Alethea to the Pelican
Photo by Baroness Cateline la broderesse

And so it was, on the 5th of July, A.S. 48, that Gregor, mighty King of the East and Kiena his fierce Queen did ride north to the War Camp formed in Glenn Linn to oversee the preparation of the East Kingdom’s Cavalry for the upcoming summer campaigns.

Seeing business to attend to, Their Majesties did summon their Royal Herald and he therein did open court. Master Ernst von Kitsungen then decided court had not yet been properly opened and re-opened court. Master Alexandre Lerot d’Avignon did then open Court, again, in his unique and bombastic style. Don Malcolm Bowman then decided there hadn’t been enough yet, and opened court again. Mistress Brid nic Shearlais, seeing court had not yet properly begun in the proper Norse style, again opened court. Baroness Brighid Mac Cumhall, not yet knowing that court had begun, again opened court. Brita Mairi Svensdottir, arriving late, then did open court. Fergus MacRae, Baron of Carolingia, then reminded us that it was FRIDAY! FRIDAY! FRIDAY! and once again opened court. Finally the Brigantia Principal Herald, upon Royal Decree summoned forth Countess Alethea Eastriding into their presence and requested that she properly, and finally, open court. Responding with a “Meep” Court was finally opened. The business of the day finally at hand, the Brigantia Principal Herald did then summon forth the Order of the Pelican to escort the Countess to sit vigil in preparation for her elevation.

Seeing no further business that evening, court was closed, once, by the Brigantia Herald.

And so it was on the 6 of July, that Gregor and Kiena, Fierce and Mighty King and Queen of the East did then decide to hold their court that evening.

Item: Mistress Kay Leigh Mac Whyte, Tiger Clerk of the Signet, and Master Ryan Mac Whyte, Brigantia Principal Herald of the East, were summoned before their Majesties. Master Ryan announced that he and the Tyger Clerk had successfully returned from the Kingdom of Ansteorra and did announce that they had successfully traveled the lands of Ansteorra without trading away any Eastern Nobility. They also, finding no steed in the Kingdom of Ansteorra worthy of an Eastern King and Queen, did present their Majesties with a Ansteorran Pony, to be trained to Her Majesty’s standards.

Item: Robert and Emma, Baron and Baroness of Bergental were summoned forth to offer their fealty on behalf of their Barony and did promise to raise the levy for the upcoming Pennsic War.

Item: Master Feral von Halstern was summoned forth to announce the members of the Heroic and Chivalric Champions’ team for the upcoming Pennsic war.

Item: Master Angus Pembridge was summoned forth to announce the members of the unbelted champions team for the upcoming Pennsic War.

Item: Don Nathanial Wyatt was summoned forth to announce the members of the Fencing Melee Team and Duelists Champions for the upcoming Pennsic War.

Item: Lord Tomas an Bhogha o Neil then presented their Majesties a Banner for the Northern Army Archery Corp. he thus completed a quest he was sent upon by Countess Marguerite at the previous year’s Northern Regional War Camp.

Item: His Majesty did formally recognize and thank Sir Arnwolf Æthelreding for his service to the Kingdom of the East as a Knight for the last twenty years.

Item: Their Majesties then did summon The Honorable Lord Colin Mackenzie to announce the winner of the first ever Kingdom Thrown Weapons championship. The victor, after a hard day of throwing was Lord Leonard Schuwert.

Items: Eric Drake of Oranwood and Jesca de Hunteleghe were summoned before their Majesties. They were then Ennobled before the court. The deed was recorded for the court by a leather bound book made by heather Rose de Gordoun for Lord Eric and a scroll made by Vettorio Antonello for Lady Jesca.

Item: Jeremiah of Northern Outpost was then summoned forth. Jeremiah, rather pale and thin, was escorted into court by his lady. The King then did profess his virtues to the court and made him a Lord of the court. The Deed was immortalized by a scroll by Nataliia Anastasiia Evgenova with calligraphy by Cezelia Rapossa.

Item: Elisabetta Portinari was summoned forth. Professing her deeds and good works Their Majesties were moved to make her a Lady of the Court. This mere motion of their hand was recorded by a scroll by Heather Rose de Gordoun.

Item: Llewellen Walsh was summoned before their majesties. Her majesty did command her champion to relieve Llewellen of any spare weapons he had upon him and then ordered Llewellen unmasked. Guarded well, her majesty then complimented Llewellen on his skill and renown with the blade and thusly made a Lord of the Court by a document Caligraphed by Isabel Chamberlain and Illuminated by Lisabetta Megdalia.

Item: It was then mentioned that there was one member of the court which was had gained the notice of the Crown for the crafting of images of the courts of the East Kingdom for many years and spreading them to all corners of the Kingdom for all to share in some part of the Royal Progress. Thusly Baroness Cateline la Broderesse was summoned forth by Her Majesty and granted her Honor of Distinction. The deed was memorialized by a portrait of Cateline crafted by Sunniva Ormstung, with words crafted by Theodora Bryennissa, and penned by Kay Leigh Mac Whyte.

Item: Clarise d’Allaines le Comte was summoned forth. Their Majesties, reminding us that the future of the Society is our young members did compliment Clarise on her dedication to the Kingdom and made her a member of the Order of the Tyger’s Cub. This deed was memorialized by a document crafted by Katherine Barr.

Items: Sir Koga Yoshitsune and dierdre O’Rourke were then summoned into court. Their Majesties praised their dedication and outstanding service to the Kingdom and the Society. They then found it right to summon forth and include them in the Order of the Silver Crescent. Scrolls proclaiming their good works were crafted by Fiona O’Maille ó Chaun Coille, for Dierdre, and Elisabeth Greenleaf for Sir Yoshi.

Items: Declaring the Order to be incomplete their Majesties then summoned into court Don Ogedei Becinjab and Sir Geoffrey Fitz Galen. Complimenting both these soldiers of the East, particularly Ogedei’s leadership in the Fencing community and Geoffrey’s service to the Equestrian community, their majesties were moved to include both of them in the order. Ogedei received a scroll commemoratinghis inclusion in the order crafted by Altani Khatagidai. Geoffrey received a scroll from Nataliia Anastasiia Evgenova for his elevation into the order.

Item: Magnús hvalmagi, called Magnus the Stout, was summoned forth into the court. The productsof his skill in brewing were deemed excellent by His Majesty and thusly he summoned forth the Order of the Maunche. Magnus’ inclusion in the order was commemorated by a scroll crafted by Isabel Chamberlaine.

Item: Her Majesty did then stand and summon forth her Champions of Defense. Don Diego Munoz de Castilla was then summoned to answer for his behavior. Being brave and honest he did stand and answer her Majesty’s charges. Her Majesty satisfied, Diego was allowed to enter court, escorted by the Order of the Pelican. Diego was then commanded to stand again before the court of their majesties at the War of the River this coming September 7

Item: Countess Alethea Eastriding was then summoned into court. Hearing the testimony of the assembled representatives of the Peers of the East and recognizing her service as a Herald, as Queen, and as Chronicler their majesties did elevate Her Excellency to the Order of the Pelican. The Elevation and Confirmation of Arms by letters Patent was immortalized by a document crafted by Master Jonathan Blaecstan.

Thus suspended the court once again until later on that evening.

Items: After the tournament of Horsemanship, Baron Duncan Kerr surpassed all other opponents and became the King’s Equestrian Champion. Baroness Lillian Stanhope proved her courtesy and chivalry on the field and was recognized with the honor of Queen’s Equestrian champion. Both events were memorialized by scrolls crafted by Altani Khatagidai, which were authored by Master Harold von Auerbach.

Thus I do conclude this recounting of events of the War Camp of the Northern Region held on the 5th and 6th of July, A.S. 48. In witness thereof: Master Ernst von Kitsungen, Master Alexandre Lerot d’Avignon , Don Malcolm Bowman, Mistress Brid nic Shearlais, Baroness Brighid Mac Cumhall, Mistress Brita Mairi Svensdottir, Fergus MacRae, Baron of Carolingia, Master Grim the Skald, and Countess Alethea Eastriding.

In service to the Kingdom of the East, I remain Baron Ryan Mac Whyte, Brigantia Principal Herald of the East Kingdom.