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PW42OldBarnIn a year of many changes at Pennsic, one of the biggest changes is the transformation of the ‘old barn’ — a space which has for decades hosted courts, dancing, and other large events at Pennsic, into an expanded market, bringing more access to fresh, local foods to Pennsic attendees without needing to leave the campground.

PW42FreshBreadAlthough both the original camp store and smaller “Pennsic Produce” market located in the food court both still exist to serve customers, the expanded marketplace is called Penn Market, and features fresh produce (some of which is sourced from local, Amish-owned farms), fresh baked breads and other baked goods, a selection of organic packaged foods and organic produce, frozen meats (including locally-sourced flank steaks, hams, and hamburger), and bulk items.

PW42TreatsIn addition to the expanded store, the restaurant formerly known as Cornucopia has moved into the barn and is now called Aunt Pat’s Place. The menu remains similar to previous years, and the move allows for increased covered seating. An additional ice cream stand has also been added on the far left side of the old barn, as you look at it from the open side.

Activities formerly hosted in the Old Barn have largely moved to a newly constructed building (called by some the New Barn or Great Hall), located in block N01.