King's HeraldryGreetings unto the Populace of the East Kingdom,

A few months ago, the office of the East Kingdom Youth Clerk was created under the office of the Chancellor Minor to help handle the modern administrative burden of managing the Kingdom’s extensive youth officer background checks.

The duties of the Youth Clerk are to:
– Serve as the primary contact for all East Kingdom background check submissions, processing, and tracking.
– Maintain the rosters for all Kingdom youth programs (e.g. Branch and Youth Officers at Large, Youth Combat Marshals, and Youth Rapier Marshals).

The Youth Clerk does not make warranting, training or program decisions other than to advise rostered individuals and program coordinators of warrant status. Individual youth programs remain under the full control of the various Kingdom officers entrusted with those programs.

The creation of this new Kingdom position has already helped to reduce some duplicate workload of the SCA paid staff, improved the speed and efficiency of the background check submission process, and in many ways reduced the frustration of the various program officers and SCA members who have had to endure what was at times an unintentionally confusing and inconsistent process. Kingdom officers in charge of the various youth programs are now free to better concentrate on quality programming.

Process for requesting a Background Check (details are available on the Chancellor Minor website):

Background Checks are required for any SCA member who works with youth.  One must be accepted into a youth program or already have a position which requires a Background Check in order to request that a Background Check be performed.
1.     Background checks require a current, paid membership; ensure that yours is current before beginning the process.
2.     Contact the appropriate Kingdom officer to indicate an interest in becoming a youth officer, or contact the Youth Clerk to be directed to the appropriate officer.
3.    Once the need for a background check has been confirmed, you will be asked to submit required information (including name, address, email address, branch, etc.) by email or using the on-line web submission tool (a link will be provided).
4.    Upon receipt of required information, you will be given a link to two (2) forms which you will complete and submit directly to the corporate office of the SCA in Milpitas, California.  The forms may be sent via regular mail, submitted by FAX, or they may be scanned as PDF attachments and e-mailed.  Due to the sensitive nature of the information contained in these forms, at no time should copies of these forms be sent or copied to the office of the Youth Clerk or any other Kingdom office.
5.    You will receive a response directly from the vendor regarding the status of your background check.

Background Check forms may be submitted only after instructed by either the Youth Clerk or the Kingdom Seneschal; individuals requiring a Background Check must first be placed on a Society “Approved List” by the Kingdom Seneschal prior to submitting this paperwork.

I look forward to serving the Youth of our Kingdom.
In service,

Lord AEthelstan St. Maur
East Kingdom Youth Clerk