quill pen, scroll, candleCuria was held at Northern Region War Camp in the Shire of Glenn Linn. At Curia, proposed changes to East Kingdom Law and Policy are discussed, and then decisions about the changes are made by Their Majesties. Reports are also given by Kingdom officers. The following law changes were made.

Changes to clarify the regional rotation for Crown Tourney. A specific schedule was adopted instead of the statement that the location of Crown will rotate. The schedule is:
Even (modern) years: Spring/Tir Mara, Fall/North
Odd (modern) years: Spring/South, Fall/Central

The East Kingdom War College is being reorganized. The head of the War College will now be called the Dean of the War College instead of the Strategos, and will be appointed by the Crown for a term not to exceed two years. The position of the Ilarch was removed. The membership section was also removed in favor of the staff positions being listed under the policies of the Dean of the War College. Master Feral is writing the policies and will present them to the Crown for approval shortly.

Baronial elections.  There is now a list of dates that indicates when Baronies need to begin the polling process so that Their Majesties may select successors for their Territorial Barons/Baronesses. The Baronies of Settmour Swamp and Bhakhail have had new Barons and Baronesses invested recently, so those Baronies were removed from the list.

Order of the Rose.  The section that lists Polling Orders IX.E was changed to be consistent with Corpora and Section IX.F of EK Law. The Rose is no longer grouped with the peerage polling orders, although it remains a polling order. When a Queen steps off the throne for the first time, she receives a County and is generally inducted into the Order of the Rose. This change is now in accordance with Corpora in that the Patent of Arms, in other words the peerage, correctly is bestowed with the County and not the Rose

King’s and Queen’s Fencing Champions K&Q Fencing will now be held in the fourth quarter of the year instead of the first quarter. Bids must be submitted by June 1 and the Heirs must select a bid by July 15.

Gift of the Golden Lyre:  At the request of the East Kingdom Brigantia Herald, the token was changed so that the blue tiger with a lyre is no longer required to be displayed on a blue scarf or favor.

Section of the Queen’s Champion of Arms:  The selection of the Queen’s Champion of Arms was revised so that the Queen chooses Her champion in consultation with the Crown Princess and the Ladies of the Rose, as opposed to the Princess making the selection in consultation with the Queen and Ladies of the Rose