MusicBonjour mes amis!
The East Kingdom College of Performers (a guild of entertainers of all kinds) will be meeting at Pennsic on Thursday, Aug. 1, from 10am to 11am in the EK Royal Encampment.
Members and all interested parties are warmly invited to gather for light refreshments, mingling, and the following specific business items: – Planning for upcoming EKCP-sponsored/supported events: Commedia dell’arte camp at Hunter’s Moon, Anglespur, Aug. 30-Sept. 2; El Cid, Bhakail, Nov. 9 – Discussion of potential classes, workshops, and College department curricula – Accepting nominations for Maitre Alexandre’s successor as Dean of Belles-Lettres (verse and prose; grammar, logic, rhetoric; languages). Please note that candidates must be members of the college and nominated by two members (you cannot nominate yourself). The list of current deans and faculty members can be found here: <> – Final call for suggestions, changes, or revisions of the bylaws (bylaws can be found here: <>)
Looking forward to seeing everyone there!
-Sabine de Kerbriant