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By popular demand, Great Northeastern War (Province of Malagentia, Hebron Maine) is making a small but important change for this, it’s 27th year – it’s opening a day earlier. “Because the site is a modern campground,” notes this year’s autocrat, Lord Quentus Quinctilius Mortis, “we’vebattle always had people who wanted to come and camp on Thursday to get a full day of eventing in on Friday. This year we’re happy to be able to provide that.”  The site will open on Thursday, July 11th at 5 pm, and a full day of activities are scheduled for Friday.

One of the most notable activities that will be taking place on Friday is the Northern Region Rattan Championship, which will be fought on Friday night starting at 6:30 pm. The current champion, Lord Richard Crowe, will be hosting a double elimination tournament that is focused on weapons depth. More information is available on-line here. Lord Richard notes that “It is my hope that this tournament will be enjoyable for the participants and the audience as well as show off the Prowess, Chivalry, and Honor of the North.”

Friday night is also the night dedicated to the traditional New Moon Balle, which is once again being coordinated by Lady Anna Mickel von Salm. Musicians who wish to assist in providing live music for the Balle are always welcome, and a list of planned dances has been posted to the Great Northeastern War website. Dances in set 1 include Lorayne Almayn, Horses Bransle, and Gathering Peascods. Set 2 will include Black Almayn, Bransle Officiale, Korobushka, and Sellengers Round. As always, instruction will be available prior to the Balle and the Balle is open to all, regardless of your knowledge of or experience with medieval and renaissance dance.

Of course, the central event is the war. This year, the sides are drawn between the forces of the Province of Malagentia and the shire of Panther Vale. War points include armored combat battles (including a tower battle with combat archery and siege) and rapier combat activities, archery, and the ever popular shopping war-point. Over 25 vendors are expected to fill the marketplace, and event attendees can support their “side” by getting shopping tallies signed by vendors and submitting them on Saturday. The side with the highest spending total wins the point!

Great Northeastern War also features a number of arts-related war-point activities throughout  the weekend include the Arts & Sciences Grand Exhibition, a war point which is open to any and all arts and sciences related objects or projects, finished or “in progress”, by artists of any age. On Saturday, the event will once again host the annual Round-Table style war-point competition for beers and ales, meads, wines and cordials. Anyone who enters a beverage may also participate in the judging of the entries. Complete information about these all these activities can be found at the event website.

There will also be a number of activities designed specifically for the youth of the Society, including a Dragon parade, a teen bardic open mic, and a water battle Saturday afternoon.

With so much to do, that extra day is going to come in handy!