Alexandre's Tyger Scroll
Greetings, all!

Summer’s upon us, and Pennsic’s just around the corner! (I know, I know… I hear the scratching of pens on paper and the whoosh of brushes too… *grin*)

Once again, the East Kingdom Scribes Tea will be held at the East Kingdom Royal Camp, thanks to the generosity of Their Majesties Gregor and Kiena, and the scheduling efforts of Master Ernst.

Please come join us between 3pm and 5pm on Thursday, August 1, 2013 in the East Kingdom Royal Camp for a brief respite from the War. Light refreshments and snacks will be available, and help with setup and breakdown, and assistance with a “town run” for groceries is always appreciated.

Whether you have been actively working for the EK College of Scribes for some time now, are taking a long break, have moved out of Kingdom after years of service as a scribe in the East, or are new – or have never tried scribing before and would like to learn more about doing scrolls for Kingdom courts, we’d love to see you join us and put some friendly faces to names from across the Kingdom and a little beyond.

Please bring your portfolios if you wish to join in the display of your work, but above all, please bring yourself, and join us for a moment to put your pens and brushes down to all relax together.

Thank you all for continuing to craft such beautiful works of art for the Kingdom, and please spread the word to any and all appropriate lists as you deem fit.

Yours in Joyful Service,

Kayleigh McWhyte

Tyger Clerk of the Signet