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volunteersAt this year’s Pennsic War, the big-hearted people of the East Kingdom will have yet another opportunity to demonstrate the greatness of our Kingdom. At the suggestion of the Queens of the East and Middle Kingdoms, a new war point for volunteering is being instituted.  For the 24-hour period spanning Tuesday, July 30th (the Tuesday of War Week) from midnight to midnight, each and every volunteer will be counted.  Every location at Pennsic that is staffed by volunteers will record the name and Kingdom affiliation of each volunteer during that time period.  The side with the most hours volunteered will be awarded a War Point towards Pennsic victory.

For those unfamiliar with all of the jobs that are filled by volunteers at Pennsic, this article from Pennsic 41 (2012) has a great detailed list of many of the departments that need volunteers and what skills and labor are needed. [EDIT: Please note that this is an old list of volunteer opportunities and is *not* the definitive list for this year’s Volunteering War Point] Everyone can do their part for the war in more ways than one by signing up to help with their favorite activity.