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Cantigas de Santa MariaThe Barony of Bhakail and the Shire of Hartshorn-dale are pleased to announce El Cid – The Event taking place November 9th, 2013 in Center Square, PA. Enjoy a day full of performance as bards from many lands present the glorious tale of El Cid. Musicians will perform, and tempting food will be provided all day.

The event theme is based on the court of Alfonso X, king of Castile during the later half of the 1200s. This was a time of peace and prosperity in the Iberian Peninsula, where Christians, Jews and Moors lived and worked side by side. The event website includes suggestions for attendees to help represent these different cultures. Also included on the event website are several articles of background information on El Cid and the music that will be performed throughout the day.

There will be two different experiences available to event attendees. Those wishing for a more luxurious experience are invited to purchase the Above the Salt option which will include a reserved lounge with special treats, and guaranteed front and center seating, as well as a special thank you the day of the performance. Regular Patrons will still be treated to the same wonderful performance and delicious buffet-style food, and will receive a painted tile token and printed program. In addition, the event will offer several of the ambiance items (lanterns, hassocks, side-tables) for sale to those interested. Details about these various options are available in a special brochure.