SCA shieldThe SCA’s Board of Directors sent out a request for comments on a proposed revision to Corpora that concerns Grievances and Sanctions.

A review of all Corporate documents that refer to sanctions has been on going with the goal of creating a comprehensive Sanction Guide.  The Grand Council, an advisory committee comprised of volunteers, reviewed the SCA’s existing documents to find all references and discovered many duplicate instances of the same language.

The Board asked the Grand Council to take all these references to sanctions in Corpora and turn them into a shorter and more clear description that would place any grievance and sanction language into one place in Corpora. This suggested language can be found at this webpage – Proposed Revision to Corpora Section X – Grievances and Sanctions.

Comments are being accepted until August 15, 2013. They can be emailed to or mailed to
SCA Inc.
Box 360789
Milpitas, CA 95036