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As ever, there will be LOTS of archery at Pennsic!

Clout range at Pennsic 41Set-up of the archery range happens Monday, July 22, and help with this effort is greatly appreciated. The range should be open for use sometime on Tuesday, July 23. There is no marshal schedule during the first week, so if you wish to shoot, please arrange for your own marshal. Range take-down starts on Thursday at 5pm, and all help is welcome.

Saint Sebastian’s Shoot
From 9am to 4pm on Saturday, July 27, a variety of novelty shoots will be run over the entire range. This fun day  of shooting has become an annual tradition, and it is sponsored by the Kingdom of Atlantia.

Populace Archery War Points (3 War Points)
ANYONE can shoot archery war points, as there are no age restrictions or authorizations, so everyone is encouraged  to come out to the range and do their patriotic duty! If you do not have your own equipment, work with a  marshal or experienced archer *now* to borrow gear and get some basic instruction. (There is no loaner gear at the  Pennsic archery range.) Equipment can be shared, but it must be inspected with each different archer who will use  it.
Clout range at Pennsic 41 - a 100 yard wand shoot!There will be 3 shoots: a castle window (timed), a clout shoot at 100 yards (with a moat monster at 50 yards), and  a soldier (or elephant?) shoot with targets at 15, 35, 45 and 55 yards. The scoring for the timed window shoot is 2 point per arrow in the window. The scoring for the clout shoot will be 1 point in the moat, 2 points on the moat  monster, 3 points in the clout and 4 points in the target in the clout. The scoring for the soldier shoot will be  1 point at the 15 yard target, 2 points at the 35 yard target, 3 points at the 45 yard target, and 4 point at the 55 yard target. All distances in this shoot are estimated and not measured.
The Populace Archery War Points will be run Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 11am to 5pm. As of this writing, they are also scheduled for 3pm to 5pm on Wednesday, but since this follows the Archery Champions Team Tournement, it is possible this will change. Practice on the war point ranges is allowed before 11am and after 5pm  on the days points are run, although you should bring your own marshal. A youth range and a practice range are  available, separate from the war point ranges.
The side with the greatest total points on each of the three shoots will be
determined after shooting ends on Thursday, August 1.

Archery Champions Team Tournement (1 War Point)
From 9am to 2pm on Wednesday, July 31, two teams of 40 archers will compete in three shoots: a 10 station roving range, an unknown distance shoot, and a friend/foe shoot. The team which wins two of the three shoots will take the war point. Please note that the archery range is CLOSED to the populace from Tuesday evening through the end  of the Champions competition on Wednesday. Don’t trek out there expecting to shoot, only to be disappointed, but spectators are welcome to watch.
Any archers who wish to be considered for the teams must come to the practice sessions on Saturday, Sunday and  Monday from 5pm to 7pm.
Help setting-up the ranges on Tuesday evening will be greatly appreciated.
House Gamol Gat is providing refreshments during the tournement again this year.

In addition to all of the above, novelty shoots will likely be offered throughout both weeks of the war; check the archery marshal tent for a schedule.

Mistress Roewynne Langley of the Midrealm is the Archery Marshal in Charge for Pennsic 42. She is holding a meeting for all archery marshals on Sunday, July 28, from 4pm to 5pm.

Lastly, many archery-related classes are in the Pennsic University Schedule this year; check your site booklet for times and locations.

See you on the range!

NB – This information has been gathered from a number of sources and has been verified to the best of my ability, and approved by Master Godric, the Captain General of Archers. As always, check on-site information for the latest information.

(Photos from Pennsic 41 clout range by Ygraine of Kellswood.)