Pennsic groupThe outcome of this year’s Pennsic War is based on 47 war points.

30 for Armored Combat
10 for Rapier
4 for Archery
1 for Thrown Weapons
1 for Siege weapons
1 for Service (new this year)

Here is the overall schedule, as it will appear in the site booklet:

Saturday – July 27
7 pm: Opening Ceremonies
Sunday – July 28
10 am: Champions Battles
• Allied Champions (1pt)
• Unbelted Champions (1pt)
• Belted Champions (1pt)
• Heroic Champions (1pt)
1 pm (following the Champions) Rapier Field Battles (3pts)
Monday – July 29
10 am: Armored Field Battle (5pts)
1 pm: Rapier Champion (1pt)
1 pm: Siege Contest (1pt)
Tuesday – July 30
11 am: Armored Woods Battle (7pts)
2 pm: Rapier Woods Battle (3pts)
Wednesday – July 31
10 am: Archery Champions Contest (1pt)
Thursday – Aug. 1
10 am: Armored Tower Battle (9pts)
1 pm: Rapier Bridge Battle (3pts)
2 pm: Thrown Weapon Competition (1pt)
Archery Populace Shoot Point Announcement (3pts)
Friday – Aug. 2
10 am: Armored Bridge Battle (5pts)
Service Competition Point Announcement (1pt)
noon to 1pm: Closing Ceremonies

For more information, as it becomes available, please check the official Pennsic War website.