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Fergus and Imigla

Baron Fergus and Baroness Imigla of Carolingia

The event announcement for the upcoming Cohasset Wars contains harsh words from Smoking Rocks to Carolingia.  Smoking Rocks claims that Carolingia historically raided Smoking Rocks to capture its goods and once again its “gimlet eyes figure that raiding and rapine upon the land can be used to disrupt commerce and trade and Pariahs may be leveled against the Good peaceful Baroness of the now Barony of Smoking Rocks and lands seized and threatened”.

The Baron and Baroness of Carolingia have taken exception to their being depicted as having “grasping hands and greedy heart” and trying to intimidate Smoking Rocks so it will “flinch and yield to Their might and demands”.  Baroness Imigla responded that the Barony has always respected all borders as part of respecting the laws of the East Kingdom, which they have sworn to uphold.  In addition, Carolingia has sought to assist their neighbors whenever possible.


Baroness Nest of Smoking Rocks

Smoking Rocks is calling on their former allies to help defend their lands.  Carolingia is calling on their friends and neighbors to defend their honor.  Anyone attending the event can support either Barony is this War simply by declaring for a side when they register between noon on Friday to 4pm on Saturday.  Other war points will include:

  • 1 shopping point determined by which side spends the most money
  • 3 Arts & Sciences points determined by the number of adult entries, number of child entries and number of people voting per side
  • 2 Fencing points – one insult tourney run as a round robin and a field battle
  • 2 Thrown weapons points – one champions tourney and one populace throw
  • 3 Heavy list points – woods, field and raiding
  • 2 Archery points – one point for total score for each side of novelty shoot and one for total number of archers shooting a royal round between 10 am and 11:30 am
  • 1 Bardic point – 4 competitors will be put forward by each side to represent their Baronies and winner will be determined at the 4:30 competition by audience vote.  Performers may include vocal music, instrumental music, story telling, poetry, drama, dance and physical arts.

Cohasset Wars will be held on June 14-16 in Yarmouthport, MA.  For more details, see the event announcement.