Unto the East Kingdom does Osgkar of the wood send greetings,
After much long drawn out discussion the Society Earl Marshal has made a decision about  the Airsoft Mod we did at Pennsic.  He has decided to disallow their use at Pennsic. So if you have mandrake tips that have been modified you must remove the pellets and put foam in to pass inspection at the point. I know this is hard to take but it is the call the man in charge made.  Now for the good news.  Ice Falcons spear tips are good to go and … 2″ homemade tips are legal as well. so we have a bunch of options for good tips that will pass muster. Sadly not the clever functional Airsoft mod so many of us like.
Here is the exact wording from Society: 

D. Fiberglass Spears
4. All fiberglass spears must have a thrusting tip that is a minimum of 2 inches (50.8 mm) in diameter/cross-section and have 2 inches (50.8 mm) of resilient material in front of the PVC end cap, thereby providing progressively resistant give without allowing contact with the PVC end cap.

We will continue to be able to use the mod in kingdom but they need to be marked with green and red denoting an experimental weapon.

In service to the greatest Kingdom in the know world I remain
Osgkar Earl Marshal
– – –
Sir Osgkar, East
Consolamini oppressos, Opprimite commodos

Choose well whom you teach to war …