Kountess of KaosQueen Kiena, beautiful and fierce inspiration to King Gregor, will get on her hobby horse armed with a boffer lance to slay Laurels on Saturday, May 25th at Panteria.  Her Majesty has joined the Laurels vs. Pelicans fundraiser for the Pennsic War Chest on the side of the Pelicans.  The Pennsic War Chest helps fund the Knowne World Party, Royalty Dinner and other Pennsic activities.

With the addition of Her Majesty, Mistresses Catrin and Eleanor moved from the Pelican to the Laurel side to even up the numbers.  A good time for the watching crowd is the goal of the melees, which also explains weapons forms like broom, feather of doom and oar.

The current tallies for the participants are listed below.  If you want to help the crowd have fun, the peers have weapons and fund Pennsic activities, you can donate to a peer at www.laurelsvspelicans.com.  Don’t let a peer go out armed with only a dagger against Her Majesty’s steed and lance!

Despotissa Margarita Kofinopoia – $0.00
Maestro Dorio of the Oaks – $10.00
Mistress Eva Woderose – $15.00
Mistress Fia Carmen – $25.00
Duchess Marieke – $25.00
Mistress Mira Fiinvar of Argyle – $30.00
Master Ulric von der Inself – $30.00
Mistress Brita Mairi Svensdottir – $45.00
Mistress Anastasia – $48.00
Syr Cedric of Thanet – $50.00
Master Peter the Red – $55.00
Master Ekkehardt of Aokenwode – $65.00
Master Leiftameon – $70.00
Master Edward MacGyver Dos Scorpos – $100.00
Mistress Mirabel Belchere – $100.00
Mistress Dziuginte Litovka – $100.36
Her Majesty Kiena Stewart – $125.00
Mistress Eleanor Catlyng – $115.00
Mistress Catrin o’r Rhyd For – $236.00