In a round room, with torrential rains falling beyond its walls, The Mighty King Gregor held His court at East Kingdom Southern Region War Practice. Surrounded by the local populace as well as all those who had traveled a greater distance, He welcomed the new Prince of AEthelmearc, Timothy of Arindale into His Court, and remarked on the excitement and joy surrounding having a former King of the East, and such a dear friend, win the Crown Tournament of AEthelmearc. His Highness AEthelmearc presented His Majesty with a gift and spoke of how nice it was to be welcomed so warmly.

The Thrown Weapons Marshal, Colin MacKenzie, was then invited by His Majesty to present tokens for excellence by thrown weapons fighters. Colin spoke about the new ranking system, and two gentles received note for achieving Throwers rank, they were Mattheus dei Conifix and Wulfram Bernhardt. A third, Alexander Makeristyne, became the first to receive the rank of Expert in Royal Round.

His Majesty then welcomed a representative of the shire of Owlshurst who had requested a moment of His time to come forward. Conall mac Taithlich was this gentle, and he presented His Majesty with a pair of beautiful wooden chests that had embattled molding, and where finished with milk-paint and linseed oil, made with his own hands as a gift for Their Majesties from the shire.

The next business for His Majesty’s court was two scrolls that had long awaited delivery to their recipients. Both pieces of business had been tended to in previous courts, but both scrolls still awaited the proper hands. First of the individuals to whom one of these scrolls belonged was Toshihiro Kanjin. This man had been made a Lord of the Court at Shire Wars in the year before this one, and now his scroll created by Kayleigh McWhyte, was read before him and handed into his keeping. The other of these two items was for Constancia Aelfwinesdottir, who was then invited before the King. She had been made a member of the Order of the Silver Crescent many years prior at Pennsic the 35 th. At long last she heard the words that had been penned on her behalf by Muirgheall O’Riein and received the beautiful scroll created by Ignacia la Ciega.

His Majesty then called forward Yasemin bint al-Hajjar and Hassan Ibn Abd Al-Malik. As they stood side by side before their King, Count Ruslan Novgorodcev was called forward to speak of why these two gentles had been brought to His Majesty’s attention. Count Ruslan spoke about Yasemin’s research into her garb and the time she took to create it. He mentioned her time spent on the archery range and her love of fencing. Then he spoke of Hassan’s time spent as a heavy weapons fighter as well as a fencer, and his love of Middle Eastern drumming. His Majesty found all of these worthy reasons to make Yasemin a Lady of His Court, and Hassan a Lord, and so it was done, and a scroll was promised to them each.

Next His Majesty required the presence of Kalara Corvus and Torstein the Indecisive. Again Count Ruslan’s words where required and he joined these two gentles before His Majesty. He praised Kalara’s fighting and garb making skills and after teasing Torstein about how he had been forced to choose his 2nd name for him that very day, praised him for supporting the efforts of the fighters and for his brewing skills. His Majesty remarked on how necessary these contributions where to His Kingdom, and found these two gentles deserving of being made a Lady and Lord of His Court, and a scroll was promised to them each as well.

Alana O’keeve was then called into His Majesty’s presence. Confusion crossed her face as she stepped forward before the King. He praised her for all of her work within His Kingdom, for her work as Shire Seneschal, with the archery and thrown weapons community, as Deputy to the Shire’s Herald and for her work at Herald’s Point at Pennsic and many other things as well. He welcomed forward His Order of the Silver Crescent, and tears sprung to Alana’s eyes. With the reading of a beautiful scroll created by Chrestinne la Pescheresse and worded by Alys Mackyntoich and the presentation of a medallion that had been held by Alys Mackyntoich, Griffyn ap Madoc and Brunissende Dragonette, Alana O’Keeve was made a member of the Order of the Silver Crescent.

Next name called for appearance before the King was Finnghuala Rowen. Quickly she was ushered before His Majesty, and she stood quietly as she heard Him praise the help she offered and work she did, and then she listened intently as the scroll created for her alone by Elsa de Lyon was read, and she too was made a Lady of the Court.

The herald then called for Robert the Tall to step before the King. The King looked him up and down and then He stood, and walked to stand beside him, and measured with His own height whether this man might have the right to call himself by Tall. Finding it acceptable, the King then called for His newest Silver Crescent, and Alana stepped forward again, this time to speak on Robert’s behalf. She told of how he’d come from the Shire of Silver Rylle to Owlshurst and now helped in both places, about how he was always the first to arrive and the last to leave an event – helping with all that needs doing while he’s there. She spoke of his love for archery, and about how he had become an archery marshal. These things the King found more than simply acceptable, and so Robert was made a Lord of His Court, and promised that a scroll would be forthcoming.

The call then came for Thorfinna of Owlshurst, and the King drew forward Linette de Gallardon as well, for Linette was to speak on Thorfinna’s fine qualities to Him. She pointed out the fantastic site tokens for that day, which could be used as bookmarks as well, and spoke about the eagerness with which Thorfinna had volunteered to create them. Linette went on to tell of how this fine woman offers and supplies help where ever it is needed. The King considered her words well, and saw their worth and the worth of this woman, and made of her a Lady of His Court at once, promising her that a scroll was to come.

Two names where called next. Mary of Montevale and her husband, Dominic Seamor. King Gregor made mention of words come to Him of 15 years of service from each of these gentles. Of all the various officer’s positions that Mary had held, of all the demos and journeys both within Montevale and even to other Kingdoms that this pair had made to help wherever they could. Then His Majesty called for His Order of the Silver Crescent, and spoke of how these two belonged among their ranks. First a scroll by Jonathan Blaecstan was read for Mary, and in the reading, it became clear that not just this King, but His predecessors Edward and Thyra had wished to see this done, as the date upon the scroll was marked as Dinning with King Vlademar at Mid Winter of Anno Societatis 47. Then a medallion commissioned for her by her own husband was hung around her neck and she joined the ranks of those around her. Then the reading of a second scroll, this one created by Sarra the Lymner and lettered by Kayleigh McWhyte for Dominic, and a medallion for him from his King, and he too joined these honored ranks.

Next before the King was Brandfulr of Owlshurst, and again the King called for Linette’s words regarding one of His subjects. She spoke earnestly of his help with everything, his work on projects that needed doing and in kitchens that needed another pair of hands. Again the King found her words to be well noted, and saw fit to make Brandfulr a Lord of His Court as well. Promising a scroll to follow at some time, not too far off.

Sorcha N’Eoghain was then called to stand before her King, and He bade Linette to stay and speak to Him of this gentle as well. A passel of her own children she was credited with drawing into youth combat. Her help always found at these demos, encouraging other children as well. Well known is the King’s joy at seeing the children of His Kingdom encouraged, and He praised her highly for these things she did, encouraged her on to more and rewarded her with the right to bear arms. Introducing the newest Lady of His Court, a scroll was promised to her as well.

The last name to be cried in this court was that of Kolbrandr Galti, and one last time the King called forward Count Ruslan to speak of this man. He spoke of Kolbrandr’s focus on heavy weapons fighting, and the King recalled fighting beside him this very day. Ruslan then made mention of this man’s love for all things Viking and the vast research that he did into the subject. King Gregor listened well, and nodding in agreement He spoke it done, and named Kolbrandr the last Lord of His Court made this day.

With that His Majesty rose, thanked all for coming out in that day’s rain and spoke of how greatly He looked forward to fighting side by side with Prince Timothy at Pennsic this year. –and His Court was closed, as all business had been done.King's Heraldry

These are the events as I witnessed them this day.

Joyously in service to Crown and College,
Baroness Theodora Bryennissa, called Treannah
Vox Regis