Delicate Flower of the Northern ArmyThis year’s list of Laurels and Pelicans has been announced for the Laurels vs. Pelicans boffer melees.  The fundraiser will benefit the Pennsic war chest. Peers are given weapons based on how much money is donated in their name.  They can take the field at Panteria with something as small as a dagger or as fantastical as a giant scorpion. To support your favorite peer, go to www.  Any peer who hasn’t signed up and wants to should send an email to the organizers.

Available weapons and their cost are:
Dagger – $25
Sword – $50
Sword and Shield – $75
Specialty Weapon – $100

The peers are listed below with their fighting nicknames and desired specialty weapons (if they have them). 

Mistress Anastasia, Mistress of Organized Mayhem
Clipboard shield
Mistress Brita Mairi Svensdottir, Loving Battleaxe of Warm Wisdom
Viking battleaxe
Mistress Catrin o’r Rhyd For,
Director of Carnage
Mistress Dziuginte Litovka, Mistress Stickbait
Mistress Eleanor Catlyng, The Gatekeeper
Quill Pen
Mistress Fia Carmen, Delicate Flower of the Northern Army
Boffer flower
Master Peter the Red
Lethal arrow of destruction

Syr Cedric of Thanet
Drop Spindle of Fate
Master Edward MacGyver Dos Scorpos
Cuddles, the Giant Scorpion of Doom
Master Ekkehardt of Oakenwode, Master Bad Example
Master Leiftameon
Duchess Marieke, The Mighty Leaf of the North
Mistress Mirabel Belchere, Mistress Microvision
Mistress Moira Finvar of Argyle
Distaff of Doom