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Greetings, everyone.

As mentioned in the recent copy of the Pikestaff, the Policies for the Tyger Clerk of the Signet and our webpage have recently undergone some changes.

The old website will soon begin redirecting to the new one. This page may still undergo some aesthetic tweaks here and there over the years, however, due credit goes to Isabel Chamberlain for switching us over from the old format (Joomla) to the new format in WordPress.

Updated policies may be found on the new website also. These policies are available in a downloadable PDF on the site, and all scribes are asked to please read these new policies over and adhere to them. Please feel free to direct any inquiries or suggestions about the new policies to the Tyger Clerk of the Signet; these policies are not “written in stone”, but a living document, which I expect will change according to our needs for a while to come.

Yours in Service,