image 3Crown Tournament is down to the final eight. The following are the remaining fighters and their pairings.

These four fighters have progressed through this round undefeated

Tribune Omega Aurelius Serpentius for Duchess Roxane Farabi Shahzadeh
Earl Kenric aet Essex for Countess Avelina Keye

Lord Ionness Aurelius Serpentius for Lady Ro Honig von Sommerfeldt
Duke Gaufred Kelson von Heidelberg for Duchess Geneviere d’Alsace

These fighters have progressed with one loss

Sir Wilhelm von Ostenbrücke for Mistress Vienna de la Mer
Duke Konrad Der Lowe Von Ulm for Lady Aibhilin Fhionn

Sir Sichelgaita von Halstern for Sir Wolfgang Krieger
Sir Thomas of Ravenhill for Áine an Neamheaglach

Thanks to Baroness Mylisant Grey for reporting.  Photo by Mistress Fiona.