end2As reported by Mistess Brita Mairi Svensdottir

The celebration of the 25th anniversary of  Endewearde took place on Saturday, April 20 at historic Fort Knox in Prospect, Maine. Although we had a rainy start, we were able to set up activities in the covered areas of the fort. We had two fencing tournaments (small sword and cut and thrust) and an armored combat tournament (unmatched weapons, lowest on the OP gets to choose first); a tavern complete with a sumptuous dayboard, including two kinds of hot soup; dancing; and a wonderful Arts and Science contest and display on the theme of “Not Finished Yet” to go with the idea that our group is still growing and evolving. By afternoon the sun was out and it was a beautiful day. Fencing continued with scenarios based on Bare Blade Tavern, and happening in various locations throughout the fort, including a “stair pit”, a hunt for loot, and a battle for the gate. By 3:00 we were ready to retire to the tavern for cake and a celebration of our 25 years of history.

Awards for the various contests throughout the day were given: First place in the A&S contest went to Master Matthäus Kettner for his mask – he received a beautiful glass plate made by Elizabeth, second place to Master Godric of Hamtun for his crossbow – his prize was a custom crafted leather knife sheath from Thora the Mad. Third place went to Anne of the Fuzzy Hat for her embroidery – her prize was a stained glass piece made by Katharine of Kyngsbridge. Fourth place was Master Matthäus Kettner again – he received a bottle of mead made by Ellice de Valles. Two children also received awards for their A&S entries: Leo Finanson for his juggling and stilt act, and Izzy of Endewearde for her pottery. Leo’s prize was a bag made by Agatha Wanderer, and Izzy received a wooden castle shaped toy box made by Seamus No Coille Aosda. William of Windhaven was the winner of the armored combat competition and was awarded a lovely piece of cloisonné jewelry made by Alys Treeby.end1

It was then announced that all four of our youth fencers had authorized that day. Winners of the various fencing contests were announced: Lord Lucien de Winter for the small sword tourney, Radbod of Endewearde for the cut and thrust tourney, and Mistress Mercedes de Calafia for the Bare Blade Tavern – she received a lovely hat pin made by Alys Treeby.  The coveted title of Most Treacherous Swine was awarded to Camille DesJardin – who would think that such an innocent looking face could hide such wickedness?

Next on the agenda, a letter from the Crown of the East was read, congratulating us on our 25 years, and  stating that They had found many loyal, honorable and caring people in the group (Clearly they were not familiar with the Most Treacherous Swine award). They also said that They were pleased that it was They who would be able to preside over Investiture, as They had won Crown in Endewearde. Two poems by Syr Cedric of Thanet were read, one about the founding of the group, and one about the Endewearde Hunt, our annual archery event. A toast by Lady Sylvia du Vey, absent at BrewU, but present in spirit, was heartily cheered by all. Baroness Aneleda Falconbridge sang a song composed for the occasion, with the populace joining in the chorus.


Lord Jehan Fitzalan spoke of how he had first encountered the SCA at a Bare Blade Tavern event where he and his three children were warmly welcomed, and said that was what Endewearde did best and why we have continued to grow. Lord Scamus O’Neill, one of the founding members, spoke of how he had watched the group grow and how pleased he was with what we had become. Mistress Brita had the news article about the very first demo that had started it all. Then we all had some of the tower shaped cake, and cleared out before the rangers locked the fort.

Many of us reconvened at Gwillim and Constancia’s for a lively post revel with lots of singing and good fellowship – a lovely end to a wonderful day.


cloisonné  photos by Alys Treeby, castle cake photo by Brita Mairi Svensdottir, A&S display photo by Christiana Crane