colored%20seahorse%20smallTen days more…and we of Ostgardr will be welcoming the people of the East Kingdom to Crown Tournament. The feast is set, the field is being prepared, the site tokens are made. Some notes on activities –

  1. Archery: unfortunately the Boy Scouts have strict rules about use of their range at Camp Pouch, and our SCA rules do not match up. We will not be able to use the camp’s archery range, and it does not look like we will be able to set up our own range on site. This is a blow to those who wanted to come and have-at some great targets with Lord Suuder and Lord Conor. We hope to work out something for next time!
  2. Youth Activities: Jolie Delarue will be the official in charge of youth activities during the day on Saturday. Youth Point will be set up next to the fighting field and will open at 12:30. Planned activities will include castle building (out of rice crispy bricks) and tassel book-mark making. There will be other activities as well. Parents: please come and help. Youth Point is not a baby sitting service, and Society policy wisely dictates that here be at least two adults to supervise youth activities.
  3. Feast: Feast is set and no more pre-registrations will be accepted. If you are pre-registered for feast and have questions about the menu, please email Lord Friderich Grimme, head chef, who will answer any questions.
  4. Merchants: There will be no merchants allowed. Sorry! This is a Boy Scout rule.

We of Ostgardr look forward to welcoming Their Majesties Gregor IV and Keina II, all the Crown Combatants and their Consorts, and all the people of the East Kingdom who come to witness the making of the newest Prince and Princess of the East!