Webminister badgeGreetings Unto The East,

With the expansion of our great Kingdom moving into the technical age, Eastkingdom.org will require some extra assistance.  The East Kingdom Web team is looking to start two new groups of gentles that can assist with moving forward with new technology.

The first is a group of gentles who have technical experience with WordPress. The duties of these positions will be to assist webministers who are using WordPress and are having technical issues. These gentles will provide assistance, advice and suggestions when needed.

The second group would become webministers at large. Qualified gentels will need to have experience in the technical side of web sites, maintaining the web site when needed, assisting other webministers, and becoming a warranted webminmister of the East.

For further information, please contact: webmaster@eastkingdom.org

Yours In Service,
Lady Raffaella Mascolo