univHello everyone!

The deadline for getting classes scheduled in the new Youth & Family Track at Pennsic is in just 11 days!  To be in the site book, classes must be submitted by Monday, April 15th.
So far only three classes to schedule in the track have been received, which is held in University Tents and requires a parent or responsible adult to attend with any youth.
Classes can be designed for either youth + adult activities, or could be for parents as an introduction to a topic (we have one scheduled as an introduction to youth archery already), or could even be about how to teach a particular youth activity!
There are many people who expressed interest in this track coming to be last Pennsic, so please, come forward, register classes and help us get the information into the site book so parents can more easily plan their Pennsic schedules!
Visit www.pennsicuniversity.org to sign up to teach classes!
If you’re unable to attend Pennsic, you’re still able to help by passing this message on as far and wide as your can!  Please forward to all kingdom, regional, and local lists that you feel would be appropriate.
Yours in service,

Coodinator, Youth & Family Track