Unto our Populace,

While we prepare for the joys of spring, we must write to you now on a less welcomed subject. Over the last 6 months, we have been alerted to sanctions imposed by the SCA’s Board of Directors against members in the Kingdom of Atenveldt which greatly troubled our royal cousins. As we looked into the matter, we found that the methods and remedies enacted by the BoD appeared to be inconsistent with the rules of the SCA and the leadership that our organization requires.

We have had brief opportunities to talk with some of the BoD members and believe that they are decent, honorable people working for the benefit of the Society. However, their responses were inadequate for us to maintain our trust in their actions. While the BoD is constrained as to what they can legally disclose, the absence of substantive dialogue is insufficient leadership for a volunteer organization.

The BoD’s mishandling of the sanction process is significant enough to have damaged the public trust. As your crowns, we cannot in good conscience defend the actions of the BoD in this matter. As a volunteer driven organization, it is important that the leadership of the SCA be perceived as fair, responsive and transparent on every level.

It is for these reasons that we have joined our names to a petition to impeach four Directors. Our letter to the Board explaining our position can be read here, along with links to some documentation and to the petitions.  [Editor’s note:  The link originally posted here was to a webpage on the East Kingdom server which no longer exists.  This link is to a new webpage.]

We would ask you to individually consider this matter and the future direction of the organization, and then act to keep our Society strong whether by signing this petition, serving at the local, Kingdom, or Society level, or by your everyday interactions.

Thank you all,
Edward & Thyra
Rex & Regina Orientalis