Laurels Pels fightingLaurels and Pelicans took to the field with boffers last year and raised over $3,200 for the Royal Travel Fund.  They faced off in three melees, and Pelicans took bragging rights by winning best two out of three.  This year there will be a rematch at Panteria in May.

Two of last year’s favorite parts – silly specialty weapons and fighting nicknames – will be back.  Last year the 24 peers taking part included the Kountess of Kaos, Mistress of Mayhem, Countess Plays Like Husky, Demon Queen of Heraldry, Baroness Happy Pants and The Killigrapher.  The weapons they used depended on how much money they raised.

Laurels and Pelicans before

The competitors before the melees

Weapons ranged from $25 for a single dagger to $100 for specialty weapons.  Specialty weapons included a boffer rose, perm of death (flail wearing a wig), giant ladle, bourbon bottle, Grendel’s severed arm and a very large clipboard.

Mistress Katherine Barr of Cumberland had the most unusual weapon form, namely Master Dietrich Schwelgengräber.  They bet each other who could raise the most money.  She won and wielded him as her weapon.

This year’s melees will again be sponsored by Fergus MacRae, Baron Carolingia.  Laurels or Pelicans who would like to participate should contact Mistress Catrin o’r Rhyd For or Countess Svava Þorgeirsdóttir.  More information on how to sponsor a participant will be available at the Laurels vs. Pelicans website, where you can currently see photos of last year’s competitors