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The autocrats of the East Kingdom’s Spring Crown Tourney this year, having a site that allows plenty of space for fighters, have added a fighting activity that should appeal to all the chivalrous fighters in the East: a Rose Tournament

What is a Rose Tournament? It’s a tournament where fighters pair up as they choose, and the winner gets to tell the loser to go give a rose from the queen to the lady or lord of the winner’s choice. This is not only a chivalrous way to tell someone you think they are special, but it’s a great way to add an extra fighting experience for those who do not want to compete in Crown, or are eliminated in early rounds. Plus, you get to meet and speak to our gracious queen, currently our Princess Kiena.

The rapier community can also take part in this with their own Rose Tourney. So, even if you are not fighting in Crown, come to the event. You will have a wonderful extra tournament to participate in!

Questions about the Rose Tourney can be directed to Lady Lilie