Coronation dayboard is a day long, four course, German meal. Recipes are derived from the period source Ein new Kuchbuch 1581, M. Marxen Rumpolt/ Churf. Meintzischen. There is no feast planned for the event. (Vegetarian = V, Gluten Free =GF)

Course 1000_0335b_mid medieval cooks
Rye bread, butter
Salat 20: Cucumber salad (V, GF)
Salat 15: Asparagus salad (V, GF)
Salat 41: Roman beans (V, GF)
Salat 45: Radish salad (V, GF)
Soup 46: New cheese soup(V, GF)
Beef 64: Beef dumplings (meatballs)

Course 2
Lamb 26: Lamb with sage and cherry (served cold)
Hen 2: Hen made in the Hungarian way
Pottage 13: Peas and barley (V)
Pottage 37: Earth apples (potato) (V available, GF)
Soup 45: Cheese onion soup (V, GF available)

Course 3
Indian chicken 3: Stuffed Turkey (served cold)
Pork 34: Roast pork (served cold)
Pottage 81: Barley and chicken
Pottage 126: Lentils and pea broth (V, GF)
Soup 42: Rice soup (V, GF)

Course 4
Confect 1: Apple confect (V, GF)
Turten 8: Apricot tart (V, GF available)
Pretzels (V)
Comfits (V, GF)
Marzipan: (V, GF)

Anyone who has and additinal questions or concerns can contact Baroness Alesone, the Steward of the Meal, at