InEdward the forty-seventh year of the Society, upon 23 February, Edward the  King did enact and cause to be enacted the following:

Item.  His Majestiy caused those good gentles new to our Society to be brought before him, and did gift each with tokens of the day.


Item.  His Majesty summoned before him Olafr inn orvi Haraldsson and,
greatly praising his prowess upon the field of battle, then summoned
all those members of the Order of the Tygers Combattant there present
and inducted Olafr into the aforesaid Order, the which deed was
memorialized with a painted shield created by Ian MacDonald and
Harald Ulfsson.

All these things were enacted upon the Feast of Saint Milburga, in the
presence of witnesses, in the Shire of Northern Outpost.  Mistress Alys
Mackyntoich, Their Majesties’ Herald, wrote this, based upon the
report of Lady Dalla Olafskona, who ran the Court