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Earlier today, the following post was shared on Facebook:

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Kingdom of Meridies,

As many of you know, about a year ago there was a lawsuit settlement against the SCA. In what can only be described a triumph of unity and solidarity, the populace of the Society came together as one and sacrificed for the betterment of us all. As one of the Society’s insurance carries had denied the liability claim, the Board of Directors had to make the hard choice to require money from every branch to meet the financial obligations put before us. Even the sub-corporations which were not required to do so chipped in as a show of support and unity. Our bank accounts may have been depleted, but we as a whole became a stronger, closer community.

Yesterday The Crowns, Heirs, Seneschals and Exchequers of the Kingdoms of the Known World met via conference call to hear the outcome of the complaint against the insurance carrier. The result of the settlement is such that each Kingdom will receive back approximately 2/3 of what we had to give to meet the financial burden of the original law suit. These checks will be dispersed to the Kingdoms Monday, February 11th. It will take a bit of time as Master Kevin and THLady Jutta plan, discuss, and implement the best way to filter the money down to the local groups who gave to the Kingdom to help meet the burden placed upon us. Your local group should expect a refund of approximately 2/3 of that which was given.
As is standard in such legal proceedings, the settlement included a non-disclosure agreement. The Board of Directors have shared what news they could but cannot discuss details of the settlement. They and the Society officers who have been instrumental in these tough times should be commended. This members are volunteers who so love our society they are willing to do the toughest jobs we have so we may enjoy our game. Please take the time to thank them for their efforts on our behalf.
Should you have any questions, please feel free to ask Master Kevin, THLady Jutta, Our Heirs or Ourselves and we will try to answer as best we can.

Thomas and Elisenda
Rex et Regina Meridies.

The Gazette contacted our own Royals to ask them about the announcement.

TRM Edward and Thyra confirmed the information provided by TRM Meridies and let us know that Master Michel Wolffauer, the East Kingdom Exchequer, is unavailable for the next week. He and their Majesties will address the disbursal of funds when he returns.

Their Majesties cautioned us that 2/3 was an approximate number, and the details must remain confidential. Their Majesties expect to communicate with Kingdom and local officers in the next couple of weeks to determine a plan for the funds.

“We’re glad that this is behind us, and that we have a favorable outcome,” His Majesty said by conference call. Their Majesties explained that while the BoD has signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement, they can say that this closes the countersuit brought by the SCA against its former insurance company (here are more lawsuits).

The Gazette also spoke to Countess Margaret Ny Connor, BoD member and former Queen of the East. She let us know that the BoD will release an official announcement tomorrow via the Announcements list. “We are all very pleased and relieved that we can now move forward and work on the future health of our organization,” she said. “Seriously, we are so grateful to the membership for its support of the organization over the past few years. We really are looking forward to what we can now build to ensure the SCA’s future success.”

The EK Gazette thanks His Majesty Meridies for permission to post his message, and their Majesties East as well as Countess Margaret for taking time out of their evening to answer our questions.