Crown - Gregor KienaGreetings unto all ye gentles of the knowne world. Please join the Barony of Carillion in a magnificent celebration in honor of the coronation of Gregor IV and Kiena II. Come and rejoice in the reign of Edward II and Thyra I as they pass on the crown to their heirs. The event will take place at the Horse park of New Jersey (Allentown, NJ) on April 6 where we will be celebrating with a Joust and a Sumptuous all day day board provided by Baroness Alesone Gray of Cranleigh.

There will be a Fighting, Fencing, and Archery tournament pitting the King’s and Queens champions with their respective teams In a duel at their Highnesses request in the main show ring for all to marvel at. More information to follow regarding martial activities.

And then, as if that wasn’t enough to whet your appetite to make your way to the fabled lands of Jersey. We will be having a Grand Joust !!

Much much more info to follow !!

If you wish to bring your horse or horses to this event, please contact the equestrian marshal-in-charge and the autocrat prior to the event.  All horses attending the event must have a current Coggins test, and horses traveling from outside New Jersey must have a current 30-day interstate health certificate, per SCA Equestrian regulations.  Equine health paperwork can be transmitted to the marshal-in-charge in advance via fax or email, or produced at the event prior to unloading the horse from the trailer.

Reservations: Site fees: 12.00 for SCA members adults and children
17.00 for non-members adults and children
Children under 5 are free
Family cap at $40.00 (5 or more gentles, Pre-reg only for discount)
Fees include Day board

Horse fee’s:
Unboarded horse 15.00 per day
Boarded horse   45.00 per weekend

Merchants are Welcome. Merchants must be Pre-registered no later than 2 weeks prior to the event. (March 23,2013)

For more information, see the event announcement on the East Kingdom website.