The Society Seneschal’s office is seeking a Deputy Seneschal for Market Research to develop and implement a market research capability support the ongoing primary research needs that will prove fundamental to the continued improvement of decision-making for the Society for Creative Anachronism.

The Deputy Seneschal for Market Research will be tasked with integrating existing survey research tools and resources from the significant prior efforts of the 2010 Census Committee with any new staff and tools that may be necessary to support the research and analysis goals and needs to provide the actionable intelligence necessary to improve Society decision-making.

Candidates should have professional experience and expertise designing, deploying, and analyzing online and offline survey designs and web panels through a range of various tools (e.g., Zoomerang and SurveyMonkey) to quickly develop actionable recommendations to improve decision-making.  Initial projects would focus on surveying the general population to gauge the size and potential interest level of different recruitment-oriented psychological market segments to inform Society messaging and targeting endeavors, and surveying our existing populace to gauge the size and ongoing interest level of different retention-oriented psychographic market segments to improve our retention-oriented efforts.

Ideally, candidates would have survey design and analysis experience as an analyst within a corporate marketing department, an advertising or marketing agency or consultancy, or some similar professional background.  Additionally, expertise or experience with SEO and/or SEM digital marketing testing would also be highly valued.

If you might be interested in such a role, or are aware of anybody who might be appropriate for the position let me know please.  To apply email me at attaching both your professional and an SCA resume.

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