BardThe great East Kingdom bardic competition draws near.   Our gracious King and Queen will choose their new champions, while the populace will enjoy the story and song.  To show the bards that we appreciate their gifts of entertainment, we are encouraging the populace to give their site token as a gift to a worthy bard.   To increase these feelings of appreciation to greater heights there will also be small tokens for sale costing $1 each.  All token sales benefit the East Kingdom Royal General Fund.

These tokens will also allow the populace to make their favorites known. The performer who accumulates the most tokens will be granted two seats at head table during feast.  Performers who wish to be considered for seating at high table should total the number of tokens received throughout the day and report the tally to Countess Svava Thorgeirsdottir before the beginning of court. Only tokens given to the performer by a member of the populace will count in the tally and may include site tokens, a purchased token, or some other form of token brought given to a bardic competitor as appreciation for bardic skills.