The SCA Board of Directors is currently finalizing their official social media policies and will implement them soon. However the East Kingdom has be developing it’s own usage guidelines for a year now.

To reach the largest audience possible we have an integrated procedure that incorporates static, editable and search-indexed web-pages (e.g. the EK official website and/or the EK forums), which are then further distributed via Facebook and Google+, which are in turn shared by individuals. We also copy the EK Gazette on announcements we distribute.

Individuals are welcome to share whatever they choose, however by not utilizing the official channels provided by the EK Webministers office they potentially miss a huge chunk of the populace.
To utilize the EK Social Media office please email you announcements to and let us do the leg-work for you!

Yours, very much in service…

Isabel Chamberlaine
EK Social Media Officer