Prince Gregor and Princess KienaA Crown Tourney in Ostgardr: Spring 1998 and Spring 2013

In the spring of 1998 the Crown Province of Østgarðr was the host for the East Kingdom’s Crown Tournament. Autocrat for the day was Lady Andrea MacIntyre (now Meesteres Annetje van Woerden). The site was in the Canton of Northpass – a lovely old retreat house and grounds, owned by Episcopal nuns. The tourney yielded up Brion Tarragon and Anna Ophelia Holloway as the new Crown Prince and Princess, and court was a flurry of AoA’s for those in Østgarðr who had become part of the fabric of the local SCA through their work, art and skills.

It’s been 15 years. And there will be a Crown Tournament in Østgarðr again. Jarl Sir Valgard Stonecleaver and Baron Master Ian Mitchell will be autocratting this event and it will be held at the William H. Pouch Boy Scout Camp on Staten Island on the weekend of April 26-28. There will be plenty of space for camping, a wonderfully wide and beautiful field for the tournament, and a feast not to be missed. When Østgarðr holds an event, be it small or large, we go all out.

Given the geography of the Crown Province of Østgarðr, it’s easy to see why there aren’t more large or kingdom events in the area. Most of the province is built up city, with few large green spaces that can be rented out easily. And those areas that can be rented out tend to be more expensive than other comparable areas in other baronies or shires of the East. Luckily, the shrewd and wily SCAdians of Østgarðr can be detectives and find those few places that the SCA thrives in. Our own Vicereine, Baroness Johanna I Visby, remembered Camp Pouch as a place she went as a Girl Scout. She passed on the information to Jarl Sir Valgard and Sir Gui, and it proved to be an amazing site, one Østgarðr will probably use again in the future.

Jarl Sir Valgard and Viceroy Sir Gui avec Cheval de Guies reconnoitered the site in early December, finding that, even after Hurricane Sandy, it was unscathed. Located on high ground near the center of the island, it is far from the devastated areas of the shore. Østgarðri on the island have worked with recovery efforts, and are proud that they have helped give back to their community.

Plans are underway within Østgarðr’s officer corps and volunteers to make this crown tournament one for the record books. Their Highnesses Prince Gregor and Princess Keina should be pleased to come visit their Crown Province, and choose their own Heirs here. It is certain that Østgarðr looks forward to holding the tournament, and seeing the fruition of 15 years of growth within the province.

Courtesy Lady Lilie Dubh inghean ui Mordha

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