loveTourney of Love — February 16th, Shire of Endewearde (Bangor , ME)

The coveted pink baldric of the “Champeen O’ Love” has been in Lord Ané du Vey’s possession for three years! Is there no one who would challenge his renown and take the baldric for their own? Let our fencers, fighters, and artisans once again meet mid-winter to best our “Champeen!”

Fencing, Rattan, and Arts and Sciences competitions are the hallmarks of this tournament. Participants of the tourney may enter and win one or more categories. However, the Pink Baldric will be awarded to the gentle that excels in all three and displays that which the Lords and Ladies of the Gallery feel exemplifies a true “Champeen O’ Love.” The whim and affections of the Gallery members may very well weigh heavily on the outcome of the tournament; after all, this is the Tourney O’ Love.

Held at the historic Brick Church, we offer in your entrance fee a light dayboard and a hardy evening repast. Attendees are encouraged to bring a pot luck item for dessert. Please bring your feast gear!  For more information, contact Lady Agatha Wanderer (knit2p2 at gmail dot com) or the event announcement (