As many may have already heard, tragedy struck several of our own on New Year’s Day when a fire destroyed the home of Master Tearlach the Profane and his family. Everyone escaped the blaze safely, but the house, and everything in it, was lost.

If you do not know Master Tearlach personally, you have likely seen his helmets on the field. His skill with a hammer and anvil is renowned across the Known World, and many of the East’s best and brightest (as well as a whole lot of Northern Army Thugs) are proud to wear his handiwork.

As is typical in the SCA when disaster strikes, there are many who have stepped up to help and many more who have asked what they, too can do.

The following is a list of efforts that are underway to help in case you want to join in:

  • Scribes who want to help replace the many scrolls that were lost can contact Mistress Kayleigh at the Office of the Signet.
  • One of the least replaceable things that were lost was the collection of photographs documenting Master Tearlach’s outstanding body of work. If you have pictures of Tearlach’s helms and other work or of him and his amily, please forward them to Master Liam who will be compiling a gallery. If you have something that Master Tearlach has made, you are also encouraged to photograph it and send those photos along as well.
  • A fund-raising auction is planned and more information on how everyone can participate in it will be forthcoming as it becomes available.

The Gazette would like to thank Master Liam St. Liam for providing the photographs for this article and Baroness Leonete D’Angely for compiling this information.