DancingIf you will be attending the BBM/Bergental Yule event this weekend, here are several special activities that might be of interest and require some advance planning!

There will be a scroll display to show off the variety of scribal arts in our kingdom.  All scribes and scroll recipients are asked to bring a scroll to display for the day.  Scrolls can be dropped off as you arrive on site and picked up before the feast.  If you need any assistance or would like to volunteer to watch the display during the day, please ask for Lada Monguligin when you arrive.  She will be on site in the morning helping to set up.

A cookie sale will be held to benefit the Royal Travel Fund. This has become a very popular part of our festive celebrations over the past few years. Cookies do not need to follow period recipes. We do ask that you include a copy of your ingredients list, so anyone concerned about allergies can check it. Please put them in ziplock bags or the like – we cannot be responsible to return containers. You may bring your cookies with you to the event.  Mistress Jovonne d’Espirit is the Cookie Elf if you have any questions.

The Brewers Guild will hold a competition for meads, ciders, wines, ales, largers and beers. No cordials or “jacked” products will be allowed due to site rules.

The Annual Baronial Auction will be held, which features donated SCA-usable items (books, feast gear, garb, materials, etc).  Skills or promissory coupons for custom work may also be donated.  Proceeds benefit both baronies.

A&S projects can be displayed in the A & S fundraiser.  Everyone can judge, and the work can be finished or in process.  Two different tokens used, one for populace and one for those that have Kingdom level award and above.  The most popular in each of the two token groups will be presented with a gift.  Tokens can be purchased at three for a dollar.