ComputerDoing holiday shopping online?  While you have your credit card and computer together, you can make reservations for upcoming events at the same time using the ACCEPS system run by the Kingdom of Ansteorra.

You can register for the following East Kingdom Events and InterKingdom Wars:

  • East Kingdom 12th Night in Iron Bog on January 5th
  • Barony 12th Night in Smoking Rocks on January 12
  • Market Day at Birka XXIV in Stonemarche from January 25 to 26
  • King’s and Queen’s Bardic Champions at The Queens Meadhall in Carolingia on February 2
  • Dining with King Valdemar II at Midwinter in Hartshorn-dale on February 23
  • Estrella War XXIX in the Kingdom of Atenveldt from February 26 to March 4
  • Gulf Wars XXII in the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann from March 10 to 17
  • Known World Dance and Music Symposium in Concordia of the Snows from June 20 to 23

Guarantee your place, save yourself writing a check and make an autocrat happy!