Blessings and cheers to the grand Kingdom of the East. The Abbey of St. Aegir in the Shire of Eisental along with the Brotherhood of Brewers in the southern region are opening the abbey doors so the good gentiles of the East may further their brewing skills. Classes will be covering a range of topics from beginning brewers to the more advanced. The event will take place at the Reading Archery Club. The event includes brewing classes, a brewing contest and the EKBG will do a mock paneling for those interested in becoming involved in the East Kingdom Brewers guild. Students must be 21 to try alcoholic potables. Feel free to bring some of your works with you for the contest or for evaluation and impressions. Feel free to contact Lord William Graham the class coordinator if you would like to teach a class or two at the event.

Note: This site is on the same floor, however there are four stairs to be navigated. Assistance can be available if needed.

Feast fees: No feast; day board provided by Club by menu order kitchen; please bring cash as the club does not accept credit cards or checks.

No reservations, pay at door. SCA members $5; non-members $10.

Autocrat: Lord Alexander Makcristyne

February 23, 2013
Site opens 10am Site closes 6pm

Site address:
Reading Archery Club
880 Church Rd
Mohnton, PA 19607

For complete information, please see the event details page.