The two combatants from the winners’ list and the two from the losers’ list advanced to the semifinals.  This round is decided by the best three out of five fights.  At this point the combatant from the winners’ list is considered to have won one fight and the combatant from the losers’ list to have lost one.  Their first fight will be matched Dane Axes in honor of Her Majesty.  The second fight will be matched Longsword in honor of His Majesty.  If there is a third fight, each combatant will use the same weapon form picked by the combatant lower in the Order of Precedence.  If there is a fourth fight, the other combatant will pick.

The pairings are listed below.  The page will be updated as often as is feasible, so hit refresh to see updates.

Eorl Kenric of Warwick  for Hlæfdige Avelina Keyes – advances
Pan Jan Janowicz Bogdanski  for Herrin Rosamund von Schwyz

Sir Oscad de Segovia  for Giselle de Limousin
Duke Gregor von Heisler  for Countess Kiena Stewart – Duke Gregor advances