This Saturday in Their Majesties’ Shire of Endewearde, forty-six combatants will take to the field to seek the glory and honor of bestowing the crown of the East upon the consort who inspires them to feats of chivalry and prowess.

The list of combatants and consorts is as follows:

Duke Gregor von Heisler  fights for Countess Kiena Stewart
Jarl Valgard Stonecleaver  fights for Lady Gracia Vasquez de Trillo
Eorl Kenric of Warwick  fights for Hlæfdige Avelina Keyes
Sir Ivan Ulrickson fights for Mistress Anastasia Gutane
Pan Jan Janowicz Bogdanski  fights for Herrin Rosamund von Schwyz
Master Julien de LaPointe  fights for Mistress Carolyn de La Pointe
Master Edward MacGyver Dos Scorpus fights for Lady Katerina Iliovna Vladimirov
Sir Oscad de Segovia  fights for Giselle de Limousin
Syr Marcus Blackaert fights for Baroness Ástríðr Sigrun Úlfkelsdóttir
Baron Duncan Kerr fights for Mistress Eleanor fitzPatrick
Baron Wulfhere of Stonemarche fights for Lady Isabeau Du Valle
Baron Ivan Ivanov syn Dimitriov vynuk  fights for Baroness Mathilde DeCadenet
THL Avaldr Valbjarnarson fights for Mistress Eva Woderose
Baron Jibril al-Dakhil fights for Baroness Rainillt de Bello Marisco
Baron Jozef Lidwiczak of Lochleven fights for Baroness Katarzyna “Varju” Gwozdz
Lord William MacCrimmon fights for Lady Astrid Olfasdotter
Lord Harald Hokonson fights for Baroness Juliana von Altenfeld
Lord William RavenHair fights for Etain de na Coillte
Lord Ceawlin Alreding fights for Lady Molly Blythe
Lord Ané du Vey fights for Lady Sylvia du Vey
Lord Richard Crowe fights for Lady Leurona Winterborne
Don Luis de Castilla fights for Lady Tamitha of Ostgardr
Lord Damon Von Drachenklaue fights for Lady Segnat ingeann Donnchada
Lord Simon Gwyn fights for Tulia
Lord Kennimathor of Loch Leven fights for Lady Cezilia Raposa
Lord Conogan mab Rioc fights for Lady Mariota of Kildare
Lord Micah of Brighton Hall fights for Lady Thallos Alexios of Brighton Hall
Lord Michael Acrensis fights for Lady Maria Beatrice Della Mare
Thane Aethelhafoc Caegfindan fights for Lady Siubhan Wallace
Lord Richard Leviathan fights for Mistress Nest verch Tangwistel
Lord Gryffyn Dunham fights for Lady Azure Brennan
Lord Thomas de Winterwade fights for Lady Sara of Stonley
Lord Thorvald Olafsson fights for Melisande De La Mer
Lord Haakon Ragnorson fights for Lady Sunnifa Heinreksdottir
Lord Steffan Joseph fights for Thora of Olach Lacha
Lord Eoghan Bastard mac Lachlainn fights for Lady Chiara diMarzo
Drottinn (Lord) Broddr Tryggrsson fights for Molly Schofield
Dominus Titus Claudius Silvanus fights for Anna Sereneia
Lord Greadden Olthurson Veassellurd fights for Lady Aesa Ormstunga (Jotunsbane)
Lady Aesa Ormstunga (Jotunsbane) fights for Lord Greadden Olthurson Veassellurd
Lord Perley of Malagentia fights for Lady Mary of the High Hills
Lord Matthew MacGyver fights for Baroness Lillian Stanhope
Lord Gawyn O’Clery fights for Maeve O’Clery
Barabbas de Cilicia fights for Petra de Cilicia
Ivarr Rambison fights for Rose DuBois