The following item appeared on Their Majesties webpage.  If you’re attending the Coronation ceremony, it would be useful to know.  Please note the disclaimer at the bottom.

The King is Dead, Long Live the King!

All of the East, Heed your Queen!

The Queen of the East Avelina hath writ upon the Tome of Countenance that King Kenric of the East hath succumbed to his hunting wounds. We know not to which of his ills – the three arrows which pierced him, the sword wound what marred his flesh, or the boar that hath torn him with its tusk – but surely it would take these wounds together to cause our goodly King to leave his Queen, his Princess, and his beloved people.

All Easterners are called to gather in mourning on the morrow, early, at the cathedral where we shall then find what shall become of our Eastern realm, and know who shall rule it. Those who cannot make the journey, make praise and sing songs of Kenric, King!


For the King and Queen comes the ending
as we keen for Kenric, killed by sword-wounds.
His bonehouse will break, burn in the pyre.
Eastrealm will sing songs of heart-grief
Queen Avelina, crying, will quit the throne.
Out of honorable ashes the heirs will ascend
when asked to assume the Eastern throne,
wear the kingdoms crowns and to keep all oaths.
Now Edward arrives in honor, able leader and shield,
and the smile of Thyra shines like the sun at morning.
Eastern populace and peers, we pray that you attend,
as radiant rulers reign among the Tygers begins.

(words by Master Toki Redbeard and Mistress Aife ingen Chonchobair)

***No actual monarchs, real or fictitious, were harmed in the making of this schticht.***