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A message from Baroness Audrye Beneyt, Deputy Event Steward for Great Northeastern War. 

My dearest Kingdom!

I beg a boon. Begin thinking forward to sharing your time with those in Maine for Great Northeastern War. War finds us from July 11 through 14, 2019.

As we all know, the old adage states “many hands make light work”. An event often hosting 900+ attendees requires feats of great effort. That effort is made much easier for all if everyone takes a moment to volunteer an hour of their time.

Great Northeastern War boasts *so* many ways to volunteer. Please take a moment to go through your options below, and give just one hour so everyone can enjoy the event.

Please do this Baroness a favor, and go add yourself to the lists!

Baroness Audrye Beneyt
Deputy Event Steward


Site Set Up/Tear Down
The benefit of being part of this crew, is getting to be on site Wednesday at 9am. We will begin setup at 10am. If you want to be part of this crew, you must sign up in advance, by email thundersson@gmail.com. Please know there is a $5 per person fee from the campground to stay overnight Wednesday.

We always need volunteers to help man gate. It’s a great place to greet those coming to the event, learn more about the SCA, and spend quality time with others. To sign up, please go here: Gate Volunteer Sign Up Web Page

Herald’s Point
A few heralds are needed to help others with the creation of names and devices, completion of forms, and providing a guiding hand. This is a great resource to help folks new to the SCA, or even the most grizzled veteran. To sign up, please go here: Herald’s Point Volunteer Sign Up Web Page

An event of this size relies on a team of security folks who patrol the area, are the first point of contact for those who need help, and like to make sure everyone is safe. To sign up, please go here: Security Patrol Volunteer Sign Up Web Page

Battlefield Support
If you want to help support the fighters and fencers by ensuring everyone is hydrated, please show up on the edge of the battlefield anytime they are open. Youth are welcome to help with this!

Archery Marshals
The Archery field runs steady through the entire event. Please spare an hour or two if you are a marshal or MIT to assist with running the line, doing inspections, or providing guidance. To sign up, please go here: Archery Marshal Volunteer Sign Up Web Page

Fencing/Rattan Marshals
While there are no signups officially, the community needs you! Please show up during battlefield times and offer to help wherever needed.

Arts & Sciences Tables
There are still a few shifts available to sit at the Arts & Sciences display helping answer questions, ensure pieces remain safe, and put your feet up. To sign up, please go here: Arts & Sciences Display Volunteer Sign Up Web Page