1. Peter the Red

2. Cathain Reiter

3. Conor O’Ceallaian

4. Godric of Hampton

5. Nest verch Tangwistel

6. Elizabeth Hawkwood

7. Julian Ridley

8. Eoin an Poire

9. Aleksei Dmitriev

10. Alberic Maqi Droata

11. Niall Radvesson

12. Osmond de Berwic

13. Ryan MacWhyte

14. Emma Mackilmane

15. Dorian of Lewes

16. Gwilym zz Flynt

Please see below for names of those who qualified for the top 16, and respectfully declined competing for the championship

Kusunoki Yoshimoto

Kobayashi Yutaka

Cynric the Dabbler

Li Kung Lo

Camma an Daraich