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Greetings from Mistress Elysabeth Underhill, East Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences.

At Pennsic’s Known World Arts and Sciences Display (on Sunday August 4th), we will be holding another Consultation Table opportunity for artisans!

We are looking for consultants who will visit artisans at their displays to discuss their work. The goal is to give artisans constructive feedback, using the East Kingdom’s Arts and Sciences rubric as a guide, but consultations can be less structured and simply discuss the artisan’s work and process in order to improve or expand upon skills and knowledge.

If you are able to be a consultant for the KWAS Display, please fill out the linked form.

Click here to sign up to volunteer as a consultant

If you are an artisan who wishes to have a consultation with your A&S display at Pennsic, you can sign up for one when you register your display.

Click here to request a consultation with your A&S display at Pennsic