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It is not often that a new Barony is made, however, on this day, the 15th day in the month of December, Anno Societatis 53, called in the Common Era 2018, the East Kingdom would do exactly that. For the first time in five years, since the making of the Barony of Endewearde, there would be a brand new Barony.

When Their Majesties arrived, the hustle and bustle of preparing was well under way, and it wasn’t long until Their morning court was opened. There was but one piece of business for this morning – the investiture of the very first Baron and Baroness of Buckland Cross. The herald then welcomed Aurddeilen-ap-Robet and Sigridh Bengstdotter to present themselves before Their Majesties.

A grand procession entered into the hall, with banners and boasts from the herald, Violante Valeriano, about both herding cats and loving kittens, Aurddeilen and Sigridh made their way to stand before King Wilhelm and Queen Vienna. Their Majesties spoke about how honored They were to be installing the premier Baron and Baroness of this new Barony, and these two gentles in particular. Oaths where then sworn, and beautiful coronets made by Master Muin maqq Minain where placed upon their heads, and Aurddeilen-ap-Robet and Sigridh Bengstdotter became the first Baron and Baroness of Buckland Cross.

As this was all the business for this morning, Their Majesty’s court was suspended that all could enjoy the day, and celebrate with the new Baron and Baroness.

As evening approached, it was time for court once again. First Their Excellencies Buckland Cross where invited to hold their first court. As the barony does not yet have awards, Aurddeilen and Sigridh gave personal tokens to some gentles that they wanted to thank. At this point His Majesty politely interrupted, for there was a special musical presentation that He wished to share with everyone, and the bard offering it had a pressing matter that required him elsewhere.

As all are aware, His Majesty is incredibly fond of the Bard known as ABBA. (no, ABBA was not present in court, that would be silly!) The bard, Drake Oranwood, had borrowed some music from them (specifically the tune “Mamma Mia”), and put together a lovely song honoring those who volunteer and serve, called “Carpe Diem”, and as King Wilhelm was quick to point out – those who are Baron and Baroness certainly fall into the category of those honored in this song.

Attention was then returned to Baronial court, and the new barony’s officers now swore fealty, and the new Baron and Baroness received some beautiful gifts.

Then it was time to reopen Their Majesty’s court. First They exchanged gifts with the new Baron and Baroness of Buckland Cross. Giving the new barony two sets of feast gear for newcomers to use, as was Their Majesty’s custom at investitures, as well as a basket overflowing with items for the Baron and Baroness to enjoy themselves. Their Excellencies gifted Their Majesties with a lovely framed set of tiles that were reproductions of 13th Century German and English tiles.

Their Majesties now had Their herald call for Kimberly Cavallo. As she stood before The King and Queen, They spoke to her of the work she had done helping at gate for previous events and being an asset to the new barony, and so today They would award her arms. With a scroll made for her by Wulfgar Silfraharr and Theodora Bryennissa, called Treannah, it was done.

Next His Majesty spoke about how usually They chose someone fleet of foot to carry the toy box on a merry chase, however, every once in a while He felt compelled to select someone a little slower, a little less….. fit. And so today, Their Majesties had chosen Josef von Ulm to run from the Children of the East. While there were only a few children present this particular day, Josef did indeed lead them on a chase – up and down the aisles of the hall, until at last all reached the toy box and could select a toy.

Now the herald called for Margretha La Fauvelle to appear before her King and Queen. His Majesty Wilhelm spoke about how much They appreciate the musicians who play at events, how much ambiance the music adds. He went on to speak about how Margretha had done so very much of this very thing, and for that He wished to give her His Award of Esteem. A token He had commissioned for just this purpose was given to her to mark the occasion.

Their Majesties bade Their herald call forward Murdock of Buckland Cross, for They had heard tell of his skill in etching metal. With the Order of the Silver Brooch assembled around him, a scroll by Vettorio Antonello was read, and a medallion placed ‘round his neck, and his name was added to their numbers.

The next to hear their name was Adelyne de Excestre, for she was indeed an asset to the Barony of Buckland Cross. Among her many skills where some that had resulted in her being named the new barony’s official executioner, which Their Majesty’s noted, might be a skill they needed to call on in the future. They wished therefor, to make her a Lady of Their court, and with a scroll created by Her Majesty’s own hand, They did so.

Her Majesty then called for all present who were attending their first, second or third Royal Progress event, and descended from the dais to offer tokens to all those who came forward. While there were only 2 gentles at this event who could claim the Newcomers status, one had to be fetched from the kitchens where he was already hard at work.

The herald now called for Arsinoe Dragonette, only to hear that she had needed to leave the event early this day, and so Ravenna de’Witte came forward to stand on her behalf. There was so much that this woman had done to help prepare for this day, that Their Majesties had called Their order of the Silver Wheel, and a scroll by Triona MacCasky was read, and a medallion presented, that she should be included in this order. Ravenna, together with Their Excellencies Buckland Cross, promised to see that Arsinoe was presented with the award.

Now the very scribe who had done Arsinoe Dragonette’s scroll heard her name called by the herald, and Triona MacCaskey came forward. Their Majesty’s spoke about the many hours she had spent working at Herald’s Point and making scrolls – so very many scrolls indeed! She too must be added to the order of the Silver Wheel. A scroll made for her by Marian Kirkpatrick and Mari Crawford was read, and a medallion placed around her neck, and the order had another new member.

Their Majesties were not done adding to the order of the Silver Wheel this day, and Their herald called for Aidan the Hostile. Another came forward, one Eleazar ha Levi, to explain that this gentle was away at this time, in foreign lands. They asked if Eleazar might see to getting this award to Aidan, and Eleazar agreed. And so, a scroll created by Ciaran ua MeicThire and Mýrún Leifsdóttir was read, and along with a medallion, sent off with Eleazar.

There was but one more gentle The King and Queen would see included in the ranks of the order of the Silver Wheel, Date Yoshimitsu. He came forward at the calling of his name, and knelt before his King and Queen, and The King spoke about a conversation between Date and Himself earlier that day, about the knowledge this gentle has regarding the making of Japanese armor. It is because he shares this knowledge and makes SCA legal Japanese kits with this knowledge that Date was being included in this order. There was a scroll by Mariette de Bretagne and a medallion as well to mark his inclusion.

Just as the order was moving to greet it’s newest members, and Date Yoshimitsu turning to join them, The King bade him wait, and had His herald call the order of the Silver Brooch before Him again. For the King had been so moved by Date’s knowledge of this art, that He had decided that very day, to add him to this order as well.

Some representatives of Caer Adamant had requested a moment of time in Their Majesty’s court on this day, and so the herald did call them forward now. They came carrying gifts, that included tokens for some of the orders, along with a number of woven cords, wire wrapped rings and a cutting board as well. The Queen expressed great delight in these gifts, and thanked them all joyously.

Their Majesties now required the presence of Mikael McCue. As he knelt before Them, They spoke about all the work he does for the thrown weapons community, holding practices, loaning equipment, and teaching as well. In fact, he had helped teach Her Majesty to throw things, something the King expressed trepidatious gratitude for. Because of Mikael’s skill with thrown weapons, They wished to add him to the order of the Silver Mantle. When the order was called forward, there were no members present – proving why their numbers needed so greatly to be increased. With a scroll by Mairi Crawford and Marion Kirkpatrick, and a medallion from Their Majesties, he was added to their ranks.

Next Their Majesties called before Them the Queen’s new Champion of Fence, Morwill MacShane. They spoke with him about how much work he had done on his rapier skills, and how many had noticed. What Morwill did not notice, however, was the order of the Golden Rapier slowly sneaking up behind him. Their Majesties then noted to him that there was one group in particular who had noticed his skills, and pointed over his shoulder. Finally turning to look behind him, in a rush it occurred to him why he was kneeling here. With the Tadcaster medallion and a second medallion made just for him, as well as a scroll by Sunniva Ormstung, he was made a companion of the order.

Their Majesties spent a final moment thanking all for coming to join in the celebration of the new Barony today, and expressing deep gratitude to all those who had helped make the day possible. With that, Their court was concluded and it was time to prepare for the feast.

Court Heralds this day were Theodora Bryennissa, called Treannah, Marian Kirkpatrick , Anastasia Kurt-Kalbi, Mabel Fortune, Sabine de Kerbriant and Kiena Stewart.

These are the events as I recall them unfolding before me.

Yours In Service,
Theodora Bryennissa, called Treannah