Detail view of final painting

Detail view of final painting

You’ve seen Crown Tournaments year after year. K&Q Competitions… been there, seen that. There was even Golden Seamstress, with sleepless, nail-biting races to the finish. But you’ve never seen anything like the Great Quintavian Iron Scribe Competition!

You know scribes are always on a deadline. You know scribes are always battling curled paper, gold that won’t stick, ink blobs, and sleep deprivation. But you’ve never seen them in neck-and-neck races to the finish line! If we’re going to do battle and work fast, we may as well have fun with it. And maybe get something useful out of the deal, like finished backlog scrolls.

How will this competition work, you ask? Here are the descriptions and rubrics:

Description of the competitions, rules, hints, and more information

Rubrics, be sure to read through these because they’re funny.

Does this have a chance to crash and burn in epic fashion? Oh, yes indeed! How will we avoid it? By playing for fun, not for profit. If you’re in it to win it, well, good on you but the rest of us are going to have fun and enjoy the day.

There are judges and points, but we all know this is a subjective exercise. Sloppy work is no good for either scribes or recipients. This is as much about strategic planning as it is about speed.

Will this be a spectator sport? Well, how much do you like watching paint dry? Everyone is welcome to join the camaraderie, and it should be an entertaining time. But if you bump the table while someone is working, you may have to answer to the marshals…

Will you taste the sweet joy of the perfect acanthus leaf and the balanced S? Or will you suffer the agony of the crooked line and the smear? Only one way to find out!

If the pen is mightier than the sword, then this may be the Mightiest Competition Ever!

If you are thinking about attending, please fill out this google form so we can plan for the right number of people.

–Thyra & Marieta