The Society Minister of Arts and Science, Seigneur Etienne Le Mons d’Anjou, and the Society Deputy Minister for the Sciences, Master Galen of Ockham, are soliciting for bids for a Known World Sciences Symposium to be held in calendar year 2020, though a bid for a 2019 date would also be acceptable.

What do you mean by “Sciences”?

The Arts and Sciences in the SCA are most commonly represented by making a period-style object – clothing, armour, scroll, brooch, etc. The Sciences, on the other hand, deal more with observations and interactions with the natural world and the underlying theories – thus the term ‘natural philosophy’ that characterized the early forays into our modern sciences.

Some examples include: astronomical instruments, their theory and use; the Aristotelian system of physics; cosmological theories; astrological medicine; food as a treatment for disease; theories of disease transmission; agricultural production; care of battlefield wounds; beekeeping; a medieval bestiary; alchemical theories; Scholastic philosophy; metallurgy; medieval dyes; the origin and development of university education; medieval music theory; and many, many more.

What are the considerations for the event?

The event would be anticipated to center on classes and demonstrations, so ample classroom space is required. Some activities would be more suited to an outdoor location. A kitchen, sink, and/or wet-work area would allow a broader scope of activities. Allowance for exhibiting of alcoholic beverages is desirable. A nighttime observing opportunity would open up some types of astronomy classes.

Since this is the first time this event has been held, there is no solid estimate for attendance. Factors such as time of year, location, offerings, and advertising will weigh heavily on how many to expect. A rule of thumb would be to estimate attendance for a Kingdom event of the same nature and add 10 – 15%.

Bids are due to the Society Minister of Arts and Sciences (scamoas@sca.org), with a copy to the Sciences Deputy, (scamoas-sciences@sca.org) by December 31, 2018.

Please direct any questions to Galen at scamoas-sciences@sca.org

Please share this request to any interested party or appropriate distribution.